Flaky Orange-Pomegranate Tart

January 7th, 2011 § 8 comments § permalink

A few days ago I shared with you something to do with leftover orange peels. I thought it would be good time to show you what I actually did with all of the oranges (besides eating them). Hopefully it’s not too late! The original recipe comes from Food & Wine, and calls for blood oranges. Though I searched, I failed to actually find any blood oranges, so I settled for regular ol’ oranges and threw in some pomegranate arils for good measure and some color. This tart has a lovely citrusy flavor, a flaky crust and a beautiful presentation. I found that waiting to sprinkle on the pomegranate till the end makes for a much nicer presentation. I also skipped the caramel sauce, simply because I didn’t feel it really needed it, I just served it with some freshly whipped cream and it was good to go. But you can really go either way. Keep in mind that this is a make-in-advance dish, so it will need to be frozen 4 hours or better yet overnight. It’s perfect to make a day ahead (or up to two weeks ahead!) as an easy dessert for company later.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully. I’m still in Maryland with Clif’s fam, we’ll be headed back in the next couple of days. Hopefully then I will get a little better about posting more often!

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Dark Chocolate Candied Orange Peels

January 4th, 2011 § 3 comments § permalink

I’m back again and finally have something new for you. My holidays went wonderfully and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and visiting with friends I don’t often see. I am also so very happy to announce that I have a brand-spankin’ new nephew! His name is Iker and he is just adorable. The stinker decided to come three weeks early while I am away in Maryland, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to cuddle and see him in real life yet, but my sweet sister has been texting me a new photo of him every day. Isn’t he just the cutest thing you ever did see? (you can expect a few more pics of this little guy as soon as I get to squeeze him!)

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